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Hurricane Irma Cuts Swath of Destruction

Hurricane Irma Cuts Swath of DestructionAs a category 5 storm last week, Hurricane Irma devastated several Caribbean islands. Then it was Florida's turn. Now Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina are feeling Tropical Depression Irma's impact.

Many nonprofits already engaged in Hurricane Harvey relief are also responding to Irma. Other organizations have joined them. The following list is based on news reports, information from nonprofits, and organizations' websites. We expect the list to grow as more organizations assist communities in Irma's path.

As always, inclusion in this list is not an endorsement by GuideStar. We have, however, confirmed that the IRS recognizes each of the following nonprofits as tax exempt, and that each is involved in Hurricane Irma relief and recovery. (Note: the list was last updated on October 5.)

suzanne-coffman-150x150.jpgSuzanne Coffman is GuideStar’s editorial director.

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