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IRS Changes 990-N Filing Procedures

nonprofit-audit-committee-roles-and-responsibilities.jpgForm 990-N filers must now submit their returns through a new website.

What is  Form 990-N?

The IRS Form 990-N is commonly called the e-Postcard. This version of Form 990, the annual return most tax-exempt organization are required to file, is the simplest version of all—there are only 8 questions.

Who should be concerned?

Most, but not all, small tax-exempt organizations can file Form 990-N as their annual return to the IRS. Organizations with gross annual receipts normally $50,000 or less can file the 990-N.

There are exceptions, however. Private foundations and Section 527 political organizations are the most common, but other organizations also are ineligible to file the 990-N.

For those permitted to do so, the new 990-N filing site can be found here.

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