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IRS Updates, August 2008: Comment Period for Form 990-EZ Changes and Workshops for Small and Mid-Sized (c)(3)s

Changes to Form 990-EZ

The IRS invites written comments on changes to the 2008 Form 990-EZ. Comments must be received at the IRS no later than September 8, 2008.


To comply with new filing requirements, the IRS proposes to allow Form 990-EZ filers to file six schedules developed for the 2008 Form 990:

  • Schedule A, Public Charity Status and Public Support
  • Schedule C, Political Campaign and Lobbying Activities
  • Schedule E, Schools
  • Schedule G, Supplemental Information Regarding Fundraising or Gaming Activities
  • Schedule L, Transactions with Interested Persons
  • Schedule N, Liquidation, Termination, Dissolution, or Significant Disposition of Assets

To Submit Comments

Send written comments on or before September 8, 2008, to:
R. Joseph Durbala
Internal Revenue Service, Room 6129
1111 Constitution Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20224
All comments will become part of the public record and will be summarized or included in the IRS request for OMB approval of the changes to the 990-EZ.

For more information, including issues the IRS would to like see comments address, see the notice from the July 8, 2008, Federal Register.

Fall 2008 Workshops for Small and Mid-Sized 501(c)(3) Organizations

In November and December, the IRS will offer one-day workshops for small and mid-sized section 501(c)(3) exempt organizations:

  • October 21, 22, 23—Chicago, Ill.
  • November 18, 19, 20—Detroit, Mich.
  • December 2, 3, 4—Memphis, Tenn.
These introductory workshops are designed for administrators or volunteers who are responsible for an organization's tax compliance. Each workshop will be presented by experienced Exempt Organizations staff members and will cover the following topics:

  • Tax-Exempt Status—Benefits and responsibilities of tax-exempt status under
    section 501(c)(3) and actions that may jeopardize an organization's tax-exempt status.
  • Unrelated Business Income—The definition of unrelated business income, common examples, common exceptions, and filing requirements; includes a discussion of charitable gaming.
  • Employment Issues—Classification of workers and filing requirements for employees and independent contractors.
  • Form 990—An explanation of the Form 990, tips on record-keeping, and advice for completing the return; includes a discussion on the "e-Postcard" filing requirement.
  • Required Disclosures—Overview of disclosures tax-exempt organizations are required to make, including requirements imposed by the Pension Protection Act of 2006.
The workshop does not address applying for tax-exempt status or issues related to
non-501(c)(3) organizations.

Pre-registration is required. See more information

Suzanne E. Coffman, August 2008
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