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New Discussion Section in the GuideStar Community

Join the Conversation in the GuideStar CommunityHave you noticed something new
in the GuideStar Community? We’ve added a discussion section. Are you looking to share a news article or blog post? Do you have volunteer needs or open positions you're looking to fill? Will you be attending a conference or webinar you’d like others to know about? Start a discussion to spark a conversation about it. Do you want to engage with others who care about nonprofits? Reply to discussions already posted.

You can still use the community to find answers to your questions and to contact Stakeholder Support. Just visit GuideStar Support.

In the two months since we launched the GuideStar Community, more than 2,000 people have joined, and users have viewed our support threads more than 35,000 times. Every time you participate in the community, you help make GuideStar a better place for all users. Thank you! 

Join the Conversation in the GuideStar CommunityThe preceding post is by DeLeon DeMicoli, a communications writer with more than 10 years of experience as an online community manager and project manager. Currently, he works as the community manager for the GuideStar Community.

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