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Less Paperwork, More Impact: GuideStar for Grant Applications

Less Paperwork, More Impact: GuideStar for Grant Applications

Welcome to a world of streamlined grant applications. Today, GuideStar for Grant Applications (G4G) is changing the way the philanthropic sector manages information so processes are more efficient and reliable.

What does G4G do?

G4G helps nonprofits complete grant applications more quickly so they can spend time on the work that matters most: addressing complex problems and helping those in need. Today, dozens of U.S. foundations use G4G in their grant applications, with new foundations adding the functionality all the time.

How does G4G work?

With G4G, nonprofits can automatically import information about their organizations to their grant applications, saving them from re-entering the same information—again and again and again—every time they apply for a grant.

The process is easy, and it is free: First, grantees update their GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles. Then, when they complete grant applications, they pull information directly from their profiles with just a few clicks. The more information they store in their profiles, the more they can automatically add to their applications, and the more time they can spend answering the tailored questions specific to each foundation’s grant application about their work.

G4G also makes it easy for nonprofits to keep their information current. When they have updates, they make the changes once in their GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles, ensuring that foundations always get the most recent information.

Why does G4G matter?

G4G can help every nonprofit complete grant applications more quickly. Collectively, it can save nonprofits hundreds of thousands of hours each year—all time that is better spent on mission-critical work rather than paperwork.

As of this writing, five of the largest grants management software vendors (Fluxx, Foundant, MicroEdge + Blackbaud, Foundation Connect by roundCorner, and SmartSimple) have built G4G into their grant applications software. More vendors are in conversation to implement G4G soon. In addition, several foundations with custom grant management software are using G4G.

If you are using G4G, make sure your grantees know about it.

gabe-cohen-aug-2015.jpgThe preceding post is by Gabe Cohen, GuideStar’s senior director of communications. 

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