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New Capacity-Building Grant Opportunity: Support GuideStar’s Nonprofit Profile Program



Every year,
more than 7 million visitors turn to GuideStar for comprehensive information about nonprofit organizations. Millions of other users tap this information through the more than 200 websites and platforms that use our nonprofit data.

Through a GuideStar Nonprofit Profile, each and every organization has the opportunity to connect with potential donors, funders, and volunteers by showcasing its mission, vision, program, and results. Their profile may be the one and only resource that a donor or funder uses before making a charitable giving decision. By not having an up-to-date or complete profile, nonprofits may run the risk of limiting the donor or funder’s trust and engagement in their organization.

We're committed to helping nonprofits and their foundation funders solve the problem of incomplete nonprofit stories. In order to improve each nonprofit's effectiveness and visibility, we're partnering with foundations and their grantees for an exciting new capacity building grant opportunity. With a foundation's financial support, we will provide hands-on training to the foundation's grantees on how to claim and update their profiles. 
Learn MoreGuideStar’s team will walk the nonprofits through our increasing levels of transparency, helping them present their data in a comprehensible, comparable manner. In the end, nonprofits will have a robust profile, and potential donors and funders will no longer rely solely on Form 990 data to assess the value of the nonprofit.


Leading foundations are already understanding the importance of establishing their grantees' nonprofit profiles. GuideStar recently partnered with seven foundations to host a hands-on training for Philadelphia-area nonprofits. Attendees from nearly 80 nonprofits participated and welcomed having the dedicated time, without the many competing day-to-day priorities, to focus on making their GuideStar profile vibrant and compelling.

Mel_philly_g4g.png Hands-on Training for Nonprofits in the Philadelphia Region, September 2016

Participant Carol Berger of Phoenixville Area Community Services said, “It's exciting to be in on the beginning of what will be a wonderful development for nonprofits, funders and donors! We want to stand out and attract new givers. I found it motivating to understand the importance of our GuideStar profile from the perspective of organizations and people who can be searching for nonprofits like ours."

And the results?

  • Nonprofits were able to increase their profile by at least one transparency level.
  • 11% of nonprofits reached the Gold or Platinum level of transparency.
  • All participants who responded to the follow-up survey said they would recommend the workshop to a colleague.
  • A strong sense of community flourished among the nonprofits and funders.

Strengthen your grantees’ ability to deliver results for the individuals and communities they serve by starting a similar initiative for your own grantees through the GuideStar Nonprofit Profile Program. To learn more, contact Together, we can transform philanthropy and help all those served by the nonprofit community!

*Thank you to our generous funders in the Philadelphia area whose support made this event possible: Claneil Foundation, Douty Foundation, First Hospital Foundation, Genuardi Family Foundation, Hamilton Family Foundation, HealthSpark Foundation, Partnership for Better Health

erin_desandro.jpgErin DeSandro is GuideStar's Philanthropic Relations Associate. Learn more about GuideStar's Foundation Membership Program.

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