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New GuideStar Seals, New Data, New Profiles

Many factors stand between nonprofits and potential donors and supporters. As the premiere hub for information on nonprofit organizations, we’re doing something about that. We’ve given our GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles a refresh and made improvements to the data we collect.

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Refreshed GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles

It will now be easier than ever to browse our database of nonprofit information and learn more about organizations’ programs, results, financials, and operations. The updated Nonprofit Profiles include:

Streamlined organization of information: The information is easier to read and requires less scrolling. Not to worry, all the information you had before is still there and easy to access! For example, IRS Forms 990 can still be found near the top, right-hand side of the profiles.

Easier access to tools: For our professional users with subscriptions or access to GuideStar Charity Check, GuideStar Premium, or GuideStar Pro, the tools you know and love are organized on the top right-hand side for quicker access. We also simplified the graphics so they’re easier to read and interpret.

Mobile-friendly display: We re-formatted our profiles to look great on both desktops and mobile devices—plus everything in between.

Faster load time: We’ve made a host of improvements behind the scenes to help the site load more quickly and efficiently.

New Data and New Seals of Transparency

The Nonprofit Profiles also showcase brand-new information and updates to the data fields contributed by nonprofits. Why did we make these changes, and what are they?

We want to help nonprofits and donors connect via mobile. Mobile giving is growing, and we want to help nonprofit organizations be found and tell their stories! So we’re asking organizations for logos with higher resolution, taglines that highlight their work, and brevity in text responses.

We’re adding maps to help nonprofits show where they work. There are some basic questions that every potential donor asks a nonprofit partner: what issue are you trying to address, whom do you serve, where do you do your work, and how do your programs make a difference?

The GuideStar Nonprofit Profile already answers many of these fundamental questions. We’ve now taken the next step of improving these answers by including maps. We’re asking nonprofits to reflect on the geographic areas their programs serve. It could be where they deliver a service or the location(s) where their advocacy work is meant to have an impact.

We want to make sure donations reach the right organizations. We’ve added data fields that ask for a nonprofit’s payment address and fundraising contact so it can receive donations faster.

These simple changes become incredibly impactful when multiplied by the power of our partner network. When a nonprofit organization is up to date with information on GuideStar, the 200-plus partner platforms that use this data are, too, which can help nonprofits connect with more potential supporters.

Special Message to Nonprofits

We’re celebrating these changes with a new look for the GuideStar Seals of Transparency. As a nonprofit, you know you are up to date when you earn your new 2017 Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum Seal. It’s FREE to update your profile, and the Seals recognize your organization for sharing information.

If you’ve already claimed your GuideStar Nonprofit Profile, come back and make sure your information is fresh. If you haven’t already—take the first step and claim it today.

New GuideStar Seals, New Data, New Profiles—Almost Here!Eva Nico is GuideStar's senior director of nonprofit programs. She is GuideStar’s in-house expert on nonprofit strategy and evaluation issues. Eva’s goals are to help nonprofits share their full stories using the GuideStar Nonprofit Profile and to use the information to make better decisions. In her role, Eva also advocates for greater transparency and use of data among nonprofits and for solutions to address the “The Overhead Myth.”

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