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New Look, More Data at GuideStar


If you're a first time GuideStar user, welcome. You've entered the Web's premier site for information on more than 620,000 nonprofit organizations. If you're a frequent visitor to you'll notice some changes as you visit your favorite spots on GuideStar.

Aside from the new shooting star logo, most of the familiar navigation tools are still in place, but are repositioned in an easier-to-use format. Features you've come to rely on, such as easy nonprofit registration, philanthropy news, and the comprehensive conference calendar are all still here.

One of the biggest changes you'll notice is the addition of IRS Form 990 images for many of the 220,000 public charities that are required to file with the Internal Revenue Service. Posting Form 990 images is an ongoing process. If a Form 990 image is available for your selected charity, you will see a "Form 990" button on the left side of its GuideStar Page. Philanthropic Research, Inc., publisher of GuideStar, is a grant-funded nonprofit and is required to file IRS Form 990. See PRI's form 990 and learn to understand this complex document.

Our mission hasn't changed. We continue to gather and disseminate the abundance of information and tools that donors and charities need to become more informed, effective, and efficient. You can always count on us to present this data to you in an unbiased, non-judgmental manner.

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