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New Research on Catholic Fundraising Foundations

Cover of Catholic Foundations Continue to Advance in the United StatesA new report released by Wilmington Trust, Catholic Foundations Continue to Advance in the United States: An Update on the Catholic Foundation Marketplace, reviews how Catholic foundations have continued to grow quickly over the past few years as a result of their holistic approach to endowment growth. Many of these Catholic foundations have focused on both their fundraising and endowment management to boost their asset growth levels. Wilmington Trust stresses the important of building a strategic endowment plan for all nonprofits.

Some key findings of the study on these religious foundations:

  • Some 181 separate Catholic foundations are in the United States, representing 181 dioceses.

  • Some 81 percent of the Catholic dioceses have started separate foundations.

  • Total U.S. long-term foundation investments exceed $9.5 billion.

  • Many foundation assets have been growing quickly.

  • There are examples of greater disclosure and marketing.

  • A holistic approach is helping these foundations grow.

  • It is important to develop a strategic endowment plan.

Walter DillinghamWalter J. Dillingham, Jr., CFA, is managing director, endowments & foundations, at Wilmington Trust, N.A.

Topics: Catholic fundraising foundations