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Nonprofit Winter Games Closing Ceremonies

Nonprofit Winter Games Closing CeremoniesSadly, all good things must come to an end. The Nonprofit Winter Games are over, and were retiring the #NPOWinterGames hashtag until 2022. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Here are the organization(s) that won each game. Congratulations to all! Note: all winners were selected at random from the full list of participants in their events.

Pass the Torch

Nonprofit Winter Games Closing CeremoniesThe Teaching Fellows Institute, a Platinum Seal holder located in Charlotte, North Carolina, won a $100 donation from GuideStar. Executive director Barbara Caldwell said:

Many thanks to GuideStar for this easy way to highlight nonprofits (both large and small!). The over 330 outstanding educators of the Teaching Fellows Institute thank you!”

First Time Medalist

Nonprofit Winter Games Closing CeremoniesFriendship Program of Omaha, Nebraska, earned the Silver Seal during the the First Time Medalist competition. Theyve won a $200 donation from GuideStar.

Executive director Kate Young stated:

Friendship Program, Inc is proud to be a part of GuideStar and join in with their commitment for transparency, reporting, and excellence in non-profit management. We recognize the importance of being good financial stewards of donations and believe GuideStar provides an opportunity for our agency to clearly state our mission, explain our programs, and offer potential donors an understanding of how their funding can positively impact those we serve. Friendship Program is committed to increasing the level of information available to all donors, current and future, and look forward to earning further Seals of Transparency through GuideStar.”

The Ski Jump

The Ski Jump was our largest competition, rewarding eight nonprofits that advanced at least one Seal of Transparency level between February 19 and 23:

Bronze Winners

Each of the following organizations won $100 for earning the Bronze Seal:

  • East Coast Corgi Rescue, Washington, D.C. Melissa Terzis said:

    Im happy to have won this because were a new rescue. Just started in the past year and every dollar helps us to rescue more dogs!
  • MicroActivist Foundation, San Marocs, California. Lynel Berryhill noted:

    GuideStar has been a huge resource for our grassroots kids beach cleanup organization. We have found lots of helpful information and gaining the GuideStar Seal has helped show we are a serious organization.
  • Produce for Patriots, San Diego, California.


Nonprofit Winter Games Closing Ceremonies

Nonprofit Winter Games Closing Ceremonies

Nonprofit Winter Games Closing Ceremonies

Silver Winners

Two nonprofits each won $150 for reaching the Silver level:

  • Nonprofit Winter Games Closing CeremoniesNew Song International, Katy, Texas. Kelly VanDevender, the organizations president, observed:

    New Song International is excited to have won the Nonprofit Winter Games Ski Jump event! We are so thankful for the resources and support that GuideStar has given and continues to give us and countless other nonprofits.
  • outdoor-alliance-300w.pngOutdoor Alliance, Washington, D.C.

Gold Winners

These two organizations each won $200 for earning the Gold Seal:

  • bnai-brith-250w.jpgBnai Brith Housing, Brighton, Massachusetts. Fundraising & communications manager Naomi Levin said:

    Bnai B'rith Housing is very excited to be one of the winners of the Guide Star Winter Games! Maintaining our GuideStar profile helps us demonstrate to our donors our commitment to transparency and fiscal responsibility. We're honored to be a winner!”
  • Nonprofit Winter Games Closing CeremoniesNorthern Valley Youth Orchestras, Grand Forks, North Dakota. Executive director Naomi Welsh stated:

    NVYO is surprised and delighted to receive this donation, and appreciates the services GuideStar provides both our donors and our program.”

Platinum Winner

Nonprofit Winter Games Closing CeremoniesThe Art Studio, located in Beaumont, Texas, earned the Platinum Seal, then won a $500 donation from GuideStar. Executive director Greg Busceme noted:

The Art studio is so excited to be selected for this prize. Since earning the Platinum Seal of Transparency we have had better responses with our grants and are anticipating a great year for fundraising. Having a GuideStar Seal of Transparency lends credibility to our organization and helps us to refine our message. We look forward to keeping our Nonprofit Profile up to date and thank GuideStar for the award! It will go to good use!”

The Relay

Nonprofit Winter Games Closing CeremoniesSacramento Food Bank & Family Services claimed its profile, earned a Bronze Seal, tagged other organizations on social media, and won our last game, The Relay. Weve sent them a $200 donation. CEO and president Blake Young shared congratulations with all Nonprofit Winter Games winners:

Congrats to all the Winter Games participants! Your hard work has earned you this generous donation to continue your great community effort!”

We agree 100 percent!

Nonprofit Winter Games Closing CeremoniesJackie Enterline Fekeci is GuideStar’s marketing and communications manager.

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