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Please Tell Your Friends: “Updating Is Free” Means … “Updating Is Free”

please_tell_your_friends.pngIt happens all the time. At conferences. In e-mails. On chat. Someone from a nonprofit wants to know: “How much does it cost to update our profile on GuideStar?”

“Nothing,” we reply.

Often our answer elicits disbelieving silence.

But it’s true:  there’s no charge for updating your GuideStar Nonprofit Profile. Updating is free. Gratis, even. It  costs you nothing—Zip. Zilch. Bubkes—but time (which, we admit, is valuable, but in a different way).

We’re not going to charge you to advance from the Bronze level to Silver, or from Silver to Gold. You don’t have to pay to list your board members. There’s no cost for uploading your logo or your latest 990.

Grants and Foundation Member support make it possible for us to offer this service.

This isn’t a pitch to get you to contribute to GuideStar (although you’re welcome to do so). Instead, we’d like to ask for you help spreading this message:

Updating your GuideStar Nonprofit Profile is free. We promise.

Thanks for your help.

The preceding post is by Suzanne Coffman, GuideStar’s editorial director. See more of Suzanne’s sector findings and musings on philanthropy here on our blog. 

Topics: Nonprofit Leadership and Practice