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Six Ways to Share Your Seal of Transparency

You did it! You updated your Nonprofit Profile on GuideStar and earned a 2019 Seal of Transparency. Now what?

Shout it from the rooftops, of course. Your Seal can be displayed on your website; included in a press release; shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and basically anywhere else you want it to be. Have your CEO get it as a tattoo! The sky’s the limit!

(Don’t have a Seal yet? No worries—earning a Bronze Seal can take as little as 15 minutes once you claim your profile. Bookmark this post and come back to it when you’re done.)

1. Tweet it, print it, skywrite it

In your Nonprofit Profile, click on the Benefits & Rewards heading underneath the progress bar. From there, click Outreach Tool Kit. This is where you will find all sorts of helpful information: how to display your Seal on your website, suggested social media copy, and—for Platinum Seal holders only—a press release template. We’ve tried to make it easy for you. Just replace all highlighted copy with specific details related to your nonprofit and link to your Nonprofit Profile everywhere so people can see your accomplishment. Feel free to modify the copy to fit your organization’s tone and brand—these are just suggestions to get you started.

Benefits and Rewards dashboard with link circled in toolbar and Outreach Tool Kit link circled in body

2. Display it on your website

Use our widget to display your Seal of Transparency on your website. (A widget is a snippet of code you can add to a web page.) The Seal will link back to your Nonprofit Profile on GuideStar. Even better, it will automatically update when you earn a new Seal. You can find the widget underneath Benefits & Rewards; just click on the Get the Widget button.

Benefits and Rewards dashboard with Get the Widget button circled in red

3. Add an image

A picture is worth 1,000 words, right? Whether it’s a picture of your work as an organization or an image of your Seal of Transparency, adding a picture to your social content can increase engagement. The Outreach Toolkit links to downloadable image files for your Seal. The images come in various sizes, in color and black and white, and in bitmap and vector formats.

Tweet by the Mountain Lion Foundation showing an image of the Gold 2019 Seal of Transparency
@MtnLionFdn on Twitter

4. Screen grab it

One of the easiest ways to show off your Seal is to take a screen grab of your profile that shows your Seal next to your organization’s name. Share this image anywhere you like.

Top of the Nonprofit Profile for the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation showing its Platinum Seal beside its name
@ETAForg on Twitter

5. Display your Seal with your logo

After you create an image showing your Seal next to your logo, you can make it your cover photo or share it in a post on Facebook, Twitter, and anywhere else you wish.

@innovef logo with 2019 Bronze Seal
@innovef on Instagram


Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance logo with 2019 Platinum Seal
@tsalliance on Facebook

6. Get extra creative

Create your own graphic proudly displaying your Seal. Once you have a graphic or picture you’d like to use, simply add the Seal in the foreground to create a unique image that shows your commitment to transparency. Images like this can be used for a Facebook Cover photo, Instagram post or story, and anywhere else you’d like to show off your Seal.

Photo of Anton Art Center with 2019 Silver Seal and New Achievement! superimposed on it
@AntonArtCenter on Facebook


Photo of a smiling little girl with a 2019 Silver Seal superimposed below her and the caption Our Little Roses Transforming and Empowering the Girls of the Honduras
@ourlittleroseshonduras on Instagram

We’re proud of you for earning a Seal of Transparency, and you should be, too. So display it proudly wherever possible. And don’t forget to tag us on social media (@CandidDotOrg) so we can congratulate you.

Erica RobertsErica Roberts was a communications coordinator for Candid. She is a recent graduate from UCLA, where she studied economics and gender studies.

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