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The 2015 GuideStar Blog Top 10 Countdown

"Out with the old, in with the new" is GuideStar's guiding motto lately, as you can tell from our just-released redesigned Nonprofit Profiles. Profiles aren't the only thing to undergo major renovation around here, however. You may have noticed The GuideStar Blog's fresh, new design as well! 

Please pardon our dust as we fine-tune certain features of our new design throughout the next few months. We hope you enjoy the clean and contemporary interface as you read about how better data and better decisions drive nonprofit effectiveness. 

So without further ado, let's reflect back on 2015 by counting down the top 10 GuideStar Blog articles you read the most!

top10.jpg10. The State of Public Trust in Charities: Suzanne Coffman breaks down the good and bad findings behind a Chronicle of Philanthropy survey on public trust in charities, and what it means for the nonprofit sector.

9. 5 Rules to Get Year-End Appeals Read: Crafting fundraising appeals and end-of-year campaigns is not rocket science, but there are some secrets to success. Here are five that nonprofit coach and consultant Claire Axelrad swear by.

8. 3 Facts You Need to Know to Plan A Profitable Fundraising Event by Software Advice: Unlike an email or direct-mail appeal, events incur hefty out-of-pocket costs and tens to hundreds of planning hours. Here are three of the most important facts nonprofits with different budgets and goals need to know to plan successful events—and how software can help. Article by Software Advice

7. Top 18 Childhood Health & Nutrition Nonprotis Identified by the ExpertsThe issue of childhood obesity and related health outcomes is a national concern. Philanthropedia surveyed 98 experts working in the field of childhood health and nutrition with an average of 15 years of work experience in the field to identify those organizations that were making the biggest positive impact in the field.

6. Data's role in your nonprofit storytelling strategy: While data can help establish credibility and trust between your org and your donors, it will never replace our need to put faces to causes. How do nonprofits begin the task of uniting left- and right-brain sensibilities in their marketing communications? RelSci breaks it down. 

5. Top Giving Tuesday Strategies and Resources by Adam Weinger: By implementing these pre and post-Giving Tuesday strategies, your nonprofit can not only reap the benefit of more donations, but you can also establish great donor connections that can carry over into the new year.

4. Challenges and Benefits of Nonprofit Event Fundraising by RallyBound. Event Fundraising is never easy. Here's how to do it so the money, brand awareness and sheer enjoyment that a fundraising event provides can completely change the dynamics of a nonprofit for the better.

3. 16 Top Nonprofits Fighting Bay Area Homelessness Named by 100 Experts: Philanthropedia surveyed 100 experts working to address homelessness in the San Francisco Bay Area. Experts have commented on each nonprofit’s impact, other organizational strengths, and how each organization could further improve.

2. Money for Good 2015: There’s $22 Billion Up for GrabsPublished by the Camber Collective, Money for Good 2015 examines donors’ motives for charitable giving and what they mean for philanthropy overall.Here are some key findings from the 159-page report.

1. Debunking the 15% Overhead for GoodWithout lots of background information, detailed financials, and an in-depth analysis of an organization, 15% overhead is meaningless.Here are Brian Saber's top 5 reasons explaining why.

There you have it! What topics would you like to see covered by The GuideStar Blog in 2016? Let us know by tweeting @GuideStarUSA or leaving a comment below!

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