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The GuideStar Newsletter Articles You Read Most in 2017

The GuideStar Newsletter Articles You Read Most in 2017Happy New Year! It’s time for our round-up of the GuideStar Newsletter articles you read most last year. As was true in 2016—and to an extent in 2015—you veered away from the traditional formula of fundraising, boards, and boards and fundraising. You were still interested in those topics, but you read articles about other subjects as well.

Here are the articles that caught your attention last year:

  1. Foundation Spotlight: Newman’s Own Foundation, by Emily Hawkins, published in our November 2, 2017, issue.
  2. Four Board Behaviors Requiring Mr. Fix-it, by Andy Robinson, published in our May 4, 2017, issue.
  3. Five Questions Every New Nonprofit Board Member Should Ask, by Bill Hoffman, published in our April 6, 2017, issue.
  4. Every Fundraising Appeal Should Include These Five Slants, by Jeff Brooks, published in our September 7, 2017, issue.
  5. Highlights of the 2017 GuideStar Nonprofit Compensation Report, by Suzanne Coffman, published in our September 21, 2017, issue.
  6. The IKEA Effect and the Social Sector, by Evaluate for Change, published in our March 2, 2017, issue.
  7. What Makes a Great Fundraiser Great? Five Key Attributes, by Jerold Panas, published in our February 2, 2017, issue.
  8. Eight Ways to Use Giving Psychology to Raise More Money, Part 1, by Claire Axelrad, published in our March 15, 2017, issue.
  9. Perspectives on the Johnson Amendment, by Chuck McLean, published in our February 16, 2017, issue.
  10. Why Data Sharing Matters for Your Nonprofit, by Latasha Doyle, published in our October 19, 2017, issue.

Thank you to the authors who shared their wisdom with GuideStar Newsletter readers. And thank you, kind readers, for your interest. We hope you find the articles we publish this year interesting and informative.

The GuideStar Newsletter Articles You Read Most in 2017Suzanne Coffman is GuideStar’s editorial director.
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