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The GuideStar Newsletter Articles You Read Most in 2018

The GuideStar Newsletter Articles You Read Most in 2018A new year. Time for a fresh start, resolutions, and hibernation (sometimes mental, sometimes physical, sometimes both). And time to identify the GuideStar Newsletter articles that caught your attention in 2018.

Last year articles on fundraising/revenue generation, boards and fundraising, and boards in general interested you most. In descending order, here is the top 10 for last year:

  1. Thoughtful Solutions for Reluctant Fundraising Board Members, by Abby Jarvis, published in our December 20, 2018, issue.
  2. 5 Fundraising Tips—Straight from Donors and Grantmakers, by Rachel Stephenson Sheff, published in our August 2, 2018, issue.
  3. Partners in Philanthropy: How to Work with Donor-Advised Funds, by Rachel Moffett, published in our September 20, 2018, issue.
  4. The Crucial Role of Silence When Asking for a Gift, by Andy Robinson, published in our May 3, 2018, issue.
  5. Top 6 Ways a Board Can Help Its CEO, by Bill Hoffman, published in our November 15, 2018, issue.
  6. Understanding Your Donors Is Crucial to Keeping Them, by Roger Craver, published in our December 6, 2018, issue.
  7. How Nonprofits Can Build Partnerships with Businesses, by Latasha Doyle, published in our October 18, 2018, issue.
  8. Want to Rock Your Year-End Fundraising? Here's How, by Latasha Doyle, published in our August 16, 2018, issue.
  9. The Fundraising Cheat Sheet for Board Members, by David Lansdowne, published in our November 1, 2018, issue.
  10. Kick Off the Year-End Giving Season with Your Giving Tuesday Campaign, by Allison Gauss, published in our September 13, 2018, special issue sponsored by Classy.

We hope you find the articles we publish this year informative and helpful.

The GuideStar Newsletter Articles You Read Most in 2018Suzanne Coffman is GuideStar’s editorial director.
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