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The Y2K List of Reasons to Make Your Charitable Donations Now


Last year, GuideStar suggested reasons why donors would want to make their contributions during the 1999 giving season. We've thought of some more for this year:

  1. It's easier than ever to find out about the organizations that interest you. During the last year, thousands of nonprofits have added their information to the GuideStar database.
  2. It's easier than ever to give. You can write a check, put cash in a collection box, or make an on-line donation through Network for Good or Just Give.
  3. Giving to charity won't cause you to gain weight or raise your cholesterol. The same things cannot be said about holiday cookies.
  4. Giving to charity won't leave you with a hangover or cause you to make a fool of yourself at the office party. The same things cannot be said about eggnog.
  5. Giving to charity doesn't require you to fight for a parking space. The same thing cannot be said about shopping at the mall.
  6. You know your gift will be the right size and color.
  7. Your parents taught you to share.
  8. You want to set a good example for your children.
  9. The need is there. Despite a booming economy and increases in charitable giving, demands on nonprofits still exceed their resources.
  10. You'll feel good about yourself.


suzanne-coffman-150x150.jpgThe preceding post is by Suzanne Coffman, GuideStar’s editorial director. See more of Suzanne’s sector findings and musings on philanthropy here on our blog. 
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