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Thinking of hosting your own Impact Call?

For a little over two years, GuideStar's held quarterly Impact Calls as an excercise in addressing new definitions of transparencyLoosely based on the quarterly earnings calls held by publicly owned companies, the goal of our Impact Call is not simply to report our results, but to jump-start the conversation on how transparency is defined and conveyed across the sector. 

Is your organization interested in hosting quarterly Impact Calls? Download our free PowerPoint template and get started today!

Inside this template, you’ll find:

  • An agenda that provides a structured overview for the call
  • Definitions of the call’s key topics, such as Deep Dives and Lessons Learned
  • Example metrics for financial, programs, and more
    Download the Template

Missed our May 10th Impact Call? Listen to the recording and download the PowerPoint to learn about GuideStar's first quarter financials and get an idea for how we run our calls.

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