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Three Innovative Technologies to Be More Organized and Raise More Money at Your Next Event

Events are fun! They introduce your organization and its mission to new people. They celebrate the wonderful work you do. But no matter how glitzy the venue or the meal, or how high-profile the guest list, every nonprofit wants to maximize net revenue.

After thorough research and real-time use, we found three products that will definitely help nonprofits increase net revenue:

  1. AllSeated

    Three Innovative Technologies to Be More Organized and Raise More Money at Your Next EventThe Product: AllSeated provides event planning software for all types of events, from intimate salons to weddings to large galas. Their tools facilitate management of guest lists, floorplans, and seating arrangements all in one place. Streamlining these functions can save hours of planning time and greatly improve event organization. The AllSeated tool allows users to keep notes, enter meal type information, and track RSVPs directly in their accounts. The floorplan tool is extremely customizable and also already has the floorplans for many venues in multiple major U.S. cities available for use. Layouts can be viewed in 3D to create a virtual walk-through of an event. The software allows easy access to guest lists and floorplans simultaneously to create seating arrangements. AllSeated offers the ability to create multiple collaborative timelines for events and vendors, simplifying coordination. Even Excel guest lists and seating charts can be uploaded directly, and guests can be automatically assigned to their designated tables.

    The investment: Free! AllSeated is free to use for existing floorplans; uploading a new floorplan costs only $24.99.

  2. Text-To-Pledge

    Three Innovative Technologies to Be More Organized and Raise More Money at Your Next EventThe Product: Text-To-Pledge (TTP) provides a new way to raise funds onsite at events. TTP allows guests to pledge any amount to the cause using his or her personal handheld device. A copy of an attendee’s text can be broadcast on a screen in real time at the event, creating a social giving network and inspiring other guests to follow suit. This technology updates and adds a hi-tech twist to the donation card on a place setting. Text-to-Pledge also provides customized back office support for nonprofits and donors, owning and managing donations as they come in and following up with donors to complete payment.

    TTP takes a holistic approach to event fundraising that includes preproduction, graphic design, script review, run-of-show review, onsite execution, accounting services, and robust back office collections/fulfillment.

    The investment: With a starting price of $3,000, TTP requires a level of commitment but is backed by a money-back guarantee—make a profit, or your investment will be refunded.

  3. DipJar

    Three Innovative Technologies to Be More Organized and Raise More Money at Your Next EventThe Product: DipJars can be plugged in at strategic locations in your event venue to both solicit donations and sell admission tickets, raffle tickets, auction items, and merchandise. With this simple technology, donors can easily and swiftly give to your cause. By replacing cash, checks, and paper pledge cards, DipJar helps speed up and simplify onsite fundraising.

    DipJar is effective for collecting both large and small donation amounts. Some examples of DipJar’s success include:

    • The American Diabetes Association collected over $12,000 in net donations at the Washington State Fair using just three DipJars at the entry to a Ninja Warrior course.
    • Fresh Arts took in over $5,000 at two arts events in Houston, Texas, predominantly from $2, $3, and $4 donations.

    The investment: DipJars cost $399 per Jar. All credit and debit card processing has fees attached—DipJar’s credit card processing fee is 3% + 17¢ per transaction, with an additional 3% DipJar platform fee. This competitive, all-inclusive rate is the same no matter what kind of card your donor dips with.

Exciting developments in technology create many new opportunities for event professionals. These tools increase staff efficiency, help streamline the planning process, make it easier to donate day-of, and generate ROI when used strategically and thoughtfully. We hope these tips help you raise more money!

The preceding is a guest post by CJ Orr, Brandon Emerson, and Devon McCann of Orr Associates, Inc (OAI). OAI is a nonprofit fundraising firm with offices in New York City and Washington D.C. Through top talent and innovative technologies, OAI helps our nonprofit partners raise money to fund their programs and, ultimately, make the world a better place.

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