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Thx: Reinventing How People Shop and Give to Their Favorite Nonprofit Causes

Editor’s note: We’re excited to launch a new series highlighting some of the partners who are using GuideStar data to make the world a better place.

Thx: Reinventing How People Shop and Give to Their Favorite Nonprofit Causes

Thx is a lifestyle brand and e-commerce giving platform reinventing how people shop and give to their favorite nonprofit causes. We create top-quality, responsibly sourced lifestyle products that inspire everyday thankfulness and give to great causes.

We're the first brand specially designed to help any nonprofit in America raise funds from its supporters through the products they use every day.

Unlike other brands or services that have fixed donation amounts, Thx lets shoppers customize their impact by giving any amount they'd like with each purchase.

And that’s not all. We let shoppers give back to any registered nonprofit in America. Whenever a visitor arrives at, he or she is prompted to choose a cause. We’ve created a drop-down menu with a list of popular causes in various cause categories to choose from. Or the visitor can use our charity search (powered by GuideStar) to find a specific nonprofit.

What Your Nonprofit Has to Do to Receive Donations through Thx

  • If you’re already on GuideStar: Congratulations, that means you’re already in our database! The best way to send supporters to is with your Unique Cause Link, which you can create now! When clicked, your cause link takes supporters directly to with your nonprofit as the pre-selected cause to shop for. It’s the fastest, most exciting way to shop on your behalf.

    Create your Unique Cause Link:
    Copy this link and replace the 00-0000000 with your nonprofit’s EIN (Employer Identification Number).
  • If you’re not on GuideStar: See these instructions for getting listed on GuideStar. Then send your supporters to using your Unique Cause Link.

Thx: Reinventing How People Shop and Give to Their Favorite Nonprofit CausesOnce you’re ready, there are a number of ways to begin raising funds. Increase donations by adding your cause link directly to your nonprofit's website with our “Shop + Give” image.

Incorporating Thx into your social media strategy and other forms of outreach is easy. Your supporters are always looking for new ways to make an impact with the things they buy online. On top of that, Thx has created many unique ways for your nonprofit to share its story across our channels. Learn more about working with Thx

Note: if you haven’t already updated your GuideStar Nonprofit Profile, you may want to. Visitors who look up your organization on Thx can view your profile by clicking the “See more” link in the search results.

Thx: Reinventing How People Shop and Give to Their Favorite Nonprofit Causes

Flexibility for Impact

Our customers feel like explorers who get to make specific decisions about the differences they want to make in the world. In just seconds, anyone can find the specific cause or organization he or she wants to donate towards.

Thx users are making an impact. Pencils for Promise has already received nearly $900 through Thx. The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is up to $946. And the United Way has raised more than $1,600.

Your supporters shop for thousands of reasons—why can’t your nonprofit be one?

Visit today to learn more about how your nonprofit can get the most out of Thx.

Thx: Reinventing How People Shop and Give to Their Favorite Nonprofit CausesThe preceding is a guest post by Ricardo Jose Bueso and Ricardo Juan Bueso, founders of, an ecommerce platform that sells high-end, sustainably sourced lifestyle products at cost and empowers customers to donate the savings to any registered charity in the United States. They come by their passion for social impact honestly, from their dad, Ricardo Sr.—a retired Navy Seal, Vietnam vet, and Guatemalan immigrant who taught his sons that solving social problems, and not chasing money, was the way to be truly rich in life.

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