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Top 10 Trending GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles, January-February 2017

Top 10 Trending GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles, January-February 2017

Periodically, we like to see which nonprofits our users are researching most. Our first list looked at the 10 most-viewed nonprofits for August 2016, and our second compilation identified the top 10 for Giving Tuesday 2016. We thought it was time to revisit the topic.

We analyzed unique Nonprofit Profile page visits in January and February 2017 to compile a list of the 10 most highly viewed profiles, along with information including:

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Rank Organization Thoughts
1 Commonlit Inc

Profile level: Bronze
Commonlit, a provider of online materials designed to improve student reading levels, released a new product in January, which may have propelled it to the top of this list.
2 Goodwill Industries International Inc.

Profile level: Platinum
Ranked #7 in our Giving Tuesday list, Goodwill continues to rank consistently in the top 25 nonprofits by donations. Its collection and resale of donated items are familiar programs in many communities.
3 International Rescue Committee Inc.

Profile level: Silver
Ranked fourth in our Giving Tuesday blog post, the International Rescue Committee has now moved to third on this list. The IRC responds to humanitarian crises, including the Syrian civil war and related refugee crisis. The IRC serves refugees affected by the Trump administration’s travel ban, which may account for its upward movement in this list.
4 American National Red Cross

Profile level: Platinum
The first two months of 2017 saw tornadoes, floods, and wildfires drive people out of homes across the country. The Red Cross is one of the top nonprofits Americans turn to for help during local and national disasters, and these weather events may have spurred its jump from ninth place in our Giving Tuesday list.
5 St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Inc.

Profile level: Bronze

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital heartfelt mission and star-studded advertisements tend to capture the public's attention.
6 Wounded Warrior Project Inc.

Profile level: Platinum

This February, the BBB Wise Giving Alliance cleared the Wounded Warrior Project for its 2016 scandal.
7 Rochelle and Richard Maize Foundation We’re not really sure what spurred interest in the foundation of real estate mogul Richard Maize and his wife, Rochelle. The organization supports and contributes resources to aid local and global community causes.
8 American Civil Liberties Union Foundation Inc,

Profile level: Gold

The ACLU’s stance on several hot topics within the United States, such as January’s travel ban, probably accounts for its continued presence among the top 10 most-viewed nonprofit profiles.
9 Nabizada Foundation The founder of the Nabizada Foundation, Kamal Nabizada, was mentioned in a New York Times article.
10 Halleys Comet Foundation Inc.
Co-founded by emmy-nominated actor John Amos and his friend Pauly, the Halleys Comet Foundation Inc. was showcased on the Island Hopper television series at the end of 2016.

New year, new organizations. We noticed several new nonprofits on our Top Trending list. Did any pique your interest? Share your reactions below.

Disclaimer: The intent and purpose of publishing this list is to share the top 10 most highly viewed organizations on By publishing these findings, GuideStar is neither endorsing nor condemning any of the included nonprofits.

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