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BRIDGE Information Now Available as Open Data

Advances social sector’s ability to share information globally to improve outcomes 

Foundation Center, GlobalGiving, and GuideStar today announce the release of BRIDGE (Basic Registry of Identified Global Entities) information as open data. This enhancement makes it easier to identify and share information about entities around the world that are working to advance social good. The ability to distinguish these organizations from each other and to gather scattered information about them is vital to understanding their activities, impact, and funding.

What Might a BRIDGE-Enabled World Look Like?

For several years, we’ve been talking about the benefits to the philanthropic sector as the BRIDGE number becomes widely adopted as a standard for identifying global philanthropic entities. The primary focus of BRIDGE has always been to enable interoperability.

The BRIDGE Is Open! New Lookup Tool Identifies Global Social Sector Entities



One of the first projects to emerge from the Markets for Good community, GuideStar, TechSoup, GlobalGiving, and Foundation Center have been busily building a BRIDGE to Somewhere. We are proud to announce to the Markets for Good community that the project has reached an important milestone. The BRIDGE is now live, which means that organizations can find or apply for a BRIDGE ID, and that GuideStar, TechSoup, GlobalGiving, and Foundation Center will begin displaying BRIDGE IDs within their products and to power collaboration.