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Does Your Web Site Give People What They Want?


There was a time, not so long ago, when having a Web site was a luxury.

Those days are over. In a recent GuideStar/Network for Good survey, an overwhelming majority (89 percent) of nonprofit respondents said their organizations had a Web site. Another 8 percent reported that their organizations planned to launch a Web site this year.

Tips for Evaluating Charities Working in Iraq


Lists of humanitarian organizations working in and around Iraq abound.

They comprise dozens of charities—how is a donor to choose? GuideStar, the premier source of information on U.S. charitable organizations, offers the following suggestions.

Do You Plan on Making an Online Donation This Giving Season?


GuideStar Survey Reveals Drop in Philanthropy for First Ten Months of 2002


The Warmth of the Season: Nonprofits That Help Our Neighbors Stay Warm


Imagine having to choose between eating and staying warm, between filling prescriptions and paying heating bills. Each winter, thousands of Americans face exactly these choices.

Faith, Hope, and Philanthropy: The President's Initiative


On July 22, 1999, as part of his campaign to win the Republican Party's nomination for president, George W. Bush outlined a blueprint for "Compassionate Conservatism." He proposed that the federal government provide funds to local and faith-based organizations that have developed successful social-services programs. He also advocated allowing taxpayers who do not itemize on their federal income tax returns to take charitable deductions.

Give My Regards to Charity: Nonprofits That Support the Performing Arts


In honor of the 55th annual Tony Awards, June 3, 2001, GuideStar salutes nonprofits that support all forms of the performing arts

"I believe in the theater; I believe in it as the first glamorizer of thought. It restores dramatic dynamics and their relations to life size," Sir Laurence Olivier told the House of Lords in 1971.

The Y2K List of Reasons to Make Your Charitable Donations Now


Last year, GuideStar suggested reasons why donors would want to make their contributions during the 1999 giving season. We've thought of some more for this year:

Back to School in Style


Paper, notebooks, pencils, pencil sharpeners, erasers, pens, and textbooks. Safety scissors, glue or paste, and crayons for the little ones. Backpacks or tote bags. Clothes or uniforms. Shoes.

Sending Kids to Camp