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Best Practices for Nonprofits Requesting Corporate Funding

Corporate sponsorship is an effective strategy for fundraising. In 2018 alone, corporate sponsorship generated a record $24.8 billion. Nonprofit professionals, however, sometimes hesitate to seek corporate funding.

Much of this aversion stems from unfamiliarity with the process. If you think corporate sponsorship might be a good fit for your organization but don’t know where to start, consider these five best practices.

Building Successful Partnerships: How Nonprofits and Corporations Benefit

With the Internet at our fingertips, today’s consumers are becoming increasingly aware of where their money is going. This means that corporations need to consider their purpose beyond making money and increasing revenue for their shareholders. More companies are investing in CSR (corporate social responsibility) programs, which dedicate resources to delivering economic, social, and environmental benefits to all stakeholders. Luckily, this is something nonprofits can use to their advantage, because when you’re looking for a successful corporate partnership, you know they need you just as much as you need them. Finding that corporate partnership can be challenging, however. You need to consider what elements will make your organization an attractive nonprofit partner and how to position your nonprofit to build relationships.