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Nonprofit Event Planning: 6 Web Tactics to Boost Engagement

Nonprofit organizations of all sizes rely on fundraising events to keep their supporters engaged with their work during and between major fundraising campaigns. While nonprofit events come in all shapes and sizes, from formal galas and auctions to casual lunches and street fairs, the importance of smart planning strategies is a constant.

3 Tech Tools to Drive Engagement at Your Next Event

Technology. Gotta love it, gotta hate it. Whenever I’m at an event and look around the room, I see people everywhere on their phones, texting, scrolling through social media. Our devices have ruined our ability to stay in the moment, to remain engaged. 

CrowdRise Joins GoFundMe

We recently heard some great news from our partners at CrowdRise—they merged with GoFundMe! GuideStar is proud to partner with CrowdRise (and more than 200 other platforms) to provide the nonprofit data that fuels intelligent giving all across the sector. This merger means that more people will have better information to make better giving decisions, something that is vital to our mission.

Five Strategies to Take Your Fundraising Event to the Next Level

Fundraising events are an excellent way to bring in generous donations while engaging with your supporters in a fun, energetic environment.

Whether you’re planning a large, formal gala or a community-based school auction, these strategies will assist you in taking your fundraising event from okay to astounding.

Planning Charity Auctions: The Ultimate How-To Guide


When it comes to event fundraising, many organizations opt for the charity auction.

Learning What Matters to Nonprofits

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Next month, I’ll be at the Mission Capital conference to discuss “Measuring What Matters: How Funders and Nonprofits Are Leveraging Data.” Of course, before you can measure what matters, you have to know what matters. The good news is that we can often agree about “what matters” in the lives of the individuals, families, and communities we serve. When we talk about “measuring” what matters, however, we find out very quickly that the devil is in the details. Precision and accuracy are needed to lend credibility to measuring the success of our efforts.

What Would You Ask the World’s Most Successful Fundraisers?

As we prepare to launch the Nonprofit Fundraising Masters conference series in Silicon Valley on 7/27 and San Francisco on 10/19 and share the secrets of some of the world’s most successful fundraisers with a live audience of nonprofit professionals, I’ve been debating what questions to ask these leading luminaries.

Six Steps to Engage Your Board Using a Performance Dashboard

For busy nonprofit business leaders and board members,
a seemingly endless stream of reports, meetings, emails, phone calls and text messages can create a strain on their time, limiting their ability to focus on critical business information and interactions.

How Grants Get Made (Hint: It’s By Grants Managers)

Every association likes to think that its members are changing the world, but for Grants Managers Network that is actually true. Stay with me here: the true heroes of philanthropy are the nonprofits that provide critical services and resources to the people who need them; it follows that their world-changing is directly attributable to the funding they receive from grantmakers, which simply doesn’t happen without the grants manager. From accepting the letter of interest to making sure the check gets out the door, each vital step in supporting the missions of those nonprofits sees the work of a grants management professional.

It's Time for a Quick Financial Check-Up

The year is nearly one-sixth over. What shape are your organization’s finances in?