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Interview with GlobalGiving’s Mari Kuraishi, Part 2: Core Values and CEO Search

On December 31, 2018, Mari Kuraishi will step down as president of GlobalGiving, which she co-founded with Dennis Whittle in 2001. Gabe Cohen, GuideStar’s senior director of marketing and communications, sat down to talk with Mari. Yesterday’s post looks at GlobalGiving’s founding and early years. Today’s post discusses GlobalGiving’s values and the qualities the organization is looking for in its next leader.

Gabe: I was looking at your website and came across the core values, and I was curious if you could talk a little bit about how they were created, if they evolved at all over the years, why you picked those values, and how they’ve played out in a meaningful way for the organization.

Mari: So the core values were something that we felt we had lived by for a long time, but we only put together formally in 2006 or 7 or so.