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A Foundation Insider’s Eight Tips to Help You Win Your Next Grant

One of my favorite sections in the revised edition of my book the Ultimate Insider’s Guide to Winning Foundation Grants is called “The Grant Seeker’s Reality Check.” In 10 brief chapters I examine, from the vantage point of one who served for 40 years as a foundation CEO, a host of dos and don’ts when preparing and submitting proposals. 

4 Beliefs That Limit Corporate Funding

What keeps nonprofits from approaching corporate funders for support? Is there a difference in cultivating relationships with corporate funders vs private foundations and individual donors? What can a nonprofit do to break into this consistent yet, often elusive funding stream? 

How Have Organizations That Depend on Government Grants Fared?  Part 2

In a previous post, I started looking at how organizations that received at least 20 percent of their revenue from government grants in 2003 were holding up in 2013.  I noted that although government grants had increased at roughly the same rate as inflation over the ten years (around 27%), about half of the organizations had increased revenue at greater than the inflation rate.  In this post, I will detail my attempts to understand why some organizations did better than others.

Multi tasking with your eyes on the prize


Chief cook and bottle washer is a dated phrase that means a person with many jobs. I have been thinking about the phrase recently because I run into so many fundraisers in small organizations are frustrated by the variety of different jobs they have.  Fundraising involves five very different skill sets.

Today’s Grantmakers: A Roller Coaster of Changes


The field of philanthropy is evolving quickly, and the challenges for those who are deeply imbedded in grantmaking, or for those of us who are on the fringes, have never been greater. I believe nonprofit organizations, large or small, have to consciously rethink their assumptionsabout grantseeking, and explore new ways of approaching grantmakers, if they are to thrive in today’s world. 

How Have Organizations That Depend on Government Grants Fared?

The two major sources of funding for most public charities are contributions and program services revenue.  One important source of contributions for some public charities is government grants.  In light of the so-called Great Recession, I thought it would be interesting to look at how, if at all, revenue streams had changed for organizations that depended on government grants before the recession.

Saving Time with Simplify

Witnessing the Power of Microfinance


Grants That Work

Many nonprofits may be searching for additional grant revenue to replace some funding that is being cut. Here are some suggestions for looking at new grant opportunities. These strategies work for foundation grants as well as government grants and contracts:

Looking for Grants in All the Wrong Places?


If you have ever been involved with a nonprofit organization at any level, you know that competition for grants is intense. Although there are many factors involved in securing funding, the first step is identifying opportunities.