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You Are Totally Sharing the #NonprofitLuv

And We Are Totally Inspired

We've always known that nonprofits are amazing. But seeing nonprofits in action is fantastic. This month, we've had that privilege as hundreds of you have participated in our Share the Love campaign.

For those of you who came in late, the Share the Love campaign asks people to post photos and images of their favorite nonprofits on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr, using the hashtag #NONPROFITLUV and referencing @GuideStarUSA. And post they have! You can see some of the results in the Tumblr feed to the right, from our new Storify page below, and the Twitter feed at the bottom of our Share the Love page.

To all who have already participated, thank you. The campaign runs through the end of this month, so keep those images coming!

The GuideStar Newsletter Top 10 for 2012

Welcome to our second annual roundup of the GuideStar Newsletter top 10, the articles you read the most in 2012. There are actually 14 articles in the list, because we had ties in 1st, 9th, and 10th places.

Getting out of Washington to learn what really matters

The news here – most of it political – is unrelentingly sour: no budgets, no agreements on deficit reduction, charges and counter charges about regulation, and an unwillingness to compromise on any issue of substance. The Republican presidential primaries are adding to the depression. To hear them talk, our country is near collapse and it’s all the fault of the president, misguided policies and over-regulation. TV is no place to escape either since we are constantly bombarded with special interest advertisements reminding us about how our government has put us on the road to ruin.

It’s About the Journey

Bob Ottenhoff

GuideStar-KIMBIA 2011 Giving Season Giveaway Winner

Thanks to everyone who competed and contributed during the GuideStar-KIMBIA 2011 Giving Season Giveaway. In the past two months, more than 1,690 donations were submitted through GuideStar, generating more than $251,000 in donations to hundreds of organizations.

Interview with Mario Morino, author of Leap of Reason

This past Monday I hosted a webinar with Mario Morino, co-founder and chairman of Venture Philanthropy Partners and chairman of the Morino Institute. His career spans more than 40 years as entrepreneur, technologist, and civic and business leader. He also has a long history of civic engagement and philanthropy in the National Capital Region and more recently in Northeast Ohio. Mario recently released a book called Leap of Reason. You can listen to the webinar or see the slides here. After the webinar, I had a chance to follow-up with Mario.

A Few Things I Learned On My Great Cross-Country Adventure


When I first heard the suggestion I was skeptical.

My oldest son, Patrick, interned this summer at eBay and PayPal – both headquartered in San Jose – and when he first proposed that I drive home with him cross country to Washington D.C., all I could think about was all those miserable five hour cross-country plane rides. Why would someone voluntarily subject themselves to a six-day trip? But as we began to talk about sharing geography and history, experiencing food adventures, and having the opportunity to visit GuideStar’s community foundation partners in cities across the country, I was reminded of Paul Theroux’s advice to focus on the journey and not the destination, and so off we went.

Sports Organizations as Charities?






Type in the word “sports” into GuideStar’s search box and you will get more than 85,000 returns. “Athletics” brings in another 2,000 listings. Last week, I met with about twenty reporters and producers at ESPN to help try to make some sense out of all of these sports-related nonprofit organizations.

The Difference Between Collaboration, Cooperation, and Coordination




I had a chance to read Do More Than Give, a new book just out by Leslie Crutchfield, John Kania, and Mark Kramer this past weekend. The book is a sequel, or as the dust-jacket says, “inspired” by Forces for Good, Leslie’s earlier book, and focuses on “the six practices of donors who change the world.”

Elaborating on the GuideStar Acquisition of Philanthropedia


Building a high performing organization takes finding the right balance. Our customers and users expect rigor and reliability; they depend on us and so we spend a lot of effort to make sure we provide superior customer service and meet expectations. . And yet the world keeps turning. An organization focused only on the present runs the risk of falling behind, failing to provide what users what or missing new opportunities. Change and innovation have also become a big part of our agenda at GuideStar.