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Money for Good

The following is a guest post by Greg Ulrich, co-author of the new guidebook, More Money for More Good .

    Who is right?

    Follow-up to the Money for Good II Webinar for Foundations

    Greg Ulrich

    6 Fundraising Tips for Nonprofits

    Check out our new infographic below depicting the six steps nonprofits can take to more effectively fundraise. These tips are anchored by research, called Money for Good II, that we partnered on with Hope Consulting – check it out:

    The 3 big preferences for donor research

    In this time of donor fatigue, what can you, as a nonprofit, do to garner more donations? Check out our new infographic about Money for Good II research conducted by Hope Consulting below.

    Follow-up to Money for Good II webinar

    The following is a follow-up to the questions submitted during the December 16 webinar on driving more dollars to high-performing nonprofits with Bob Ottenhoff, president and CEO of GuideStar, and Greg Ulrich, director of advisory services at Hope Consulting. To view or hear a live recording of the presentation, please click here.

    Money for Good II Shows How a Small Shift Can Give Nonprofits a Big Gift This Giving Season

    If just 5 percent of this year's charitable donations were given to high-performing nonprofits, some $15 billion would go to the organizations that are having the most impact.

    The statement above is just one of the findings of Money for Good II (MFGII), a new study released November 30, 2011 (read the news release). Other MFGII findings include:

    Encouraging Charitable Giving That Has Impact

    This morning, Greg Ulrich of Hope Consulting and I participated in a host of interviews with radio and TV stations across the country to talk about how donors can make more effective giving decisions.

    Want to Help Disaster Relief Efforts? Make Your Gift Unrestricted

    As CNN and other news outlets are reporting, monsoon rains have flooded large areas of Pakistan, forcing millions to flee their homes and seek humanitarian aid for such basic necessities as shelter, food, potable water, and medical care. And, as BusinessWeek pointed out, Americans are joining in force to provide assistance to the victims of this cruel tragedy.