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What Millennial Marketing Strategies Can Teach Nonprofits about Motivating Donors

Do you ever worry you’re not doing enough to attract the donors of the future?

Does thinking about how to market to Millennials (who will make up 36% of the U.S. workforce by next year and nearly half by 2020) fill you with anxiety, because it’s just one more thing to add to your overflowing list?

Fear no more!

Today I’m going to tell you how you can have it all – and with very little extra work.

5 Key Findings from GuideStar's 2016 Nonprofit Compensation Report

Today, GuideStar published the 16th edition of our annual Nonprofit Compensation Report, the only large-scale analysis of its kind based entirely on Form 990 data reported to the IRS, and the most comprehensive nonprofit compensation study available (135,512 observations from 96,242 FY2014 Forms 990).

Donors Don’t Want Their Gifts Spent on Overhead … Or Do They?


“Overhead” can be a dirty word in nonprofit circles. It’s typically referred to as the costs associated with actually running a nonprofit – administrative costs, fundraising costs, staff costs, etc.

How to Use Corporate Philanthropy Across Your Fundraising Strategies

Your nonprofit has its irons in quite a few fundraising fires. You’re probably working on online solicitation, fundraising events, direct mail and traditional appeals, and mobile fundraising, all while trying to compile your donor data and maintain accurate records.

Seven Ways a Board Member Can Support His or Her Executive Director and Organization


What do nonprofit executive directors really want from their board members? We know nonprofit leaders rely on their boards for financial support, but they also need so much more from them in non-financial ways. What ways to help mean the most to nonprofit leaders? Who better to ask than this week’s guest blogger, Ellen Simon, the former head of Union Settlement Association, one of Harlem’s largest nonprofits for more th an 100 years. Thanks for the great advice, Ellen!

How would Walt Disney treat your donors?

Disney is famous for creating magical experiences.

What if you took a page right out of their playbook? How would Disney delight your donors?

The World’s Largest Online Earth Day Celebration, Spring of Sustainability (SoS), Kicks off Today, April 22nd


New Rankings: Top 16 Nonprofits Working in the Field of People with Disabilities

Collectively, people with disabilities constitute the nation’s largest minority group, and the only minority group of which any of us can become a member at any time. What’s more, people with disabilities are among the most marginalized groups in the world.

-- Disability Funders Network

Performance Insights: Donors Want Easy Access to Nonprofit Results


What do you give for?