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The Impact of the Government Shutdown on the Flow of Nonprofit Data, Part 2

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a piece on the impact of the government shutdown on the flow of nonprofit data. In that piece I suggested it would be unlikely that the IRS would release a new Exempt Organization Business Master File (BMF) on schedule in February.

Introducing Discounted GuideStar Data Sets for Academic Users

For more than a decade, GuideStar has supported academic exploration of the nonprofit sector.  GuideStar for Education gives collegiate faculty, students, and unsponsored researchers free or discounted access to GuideStar Premium. In 2017 alone, we shared $1.8 million worth of services through this program. GuideStar Library Services enables university libraries to provide patrons with on-site or remote access to GuideStar Pro at a price far below the cost of multiple individual subscriptions.