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Market Your Impact

A quick guide for nonprofits on how to create awareness, build buzz, and gain credibility through storytelling

Every nonprofit has an incredible story worth telling. Nonprofits work to lift up our communities and create much needed resources and opportunities for those in need. And, in order to get the support and donations you need to continue to do great work, it’s essential for you to share that impact with the world.

7 Essential Tips for Growing Your Nonprofit Meetup

You have an excellent idea for your nonprofit to help those in need. It’s a series of meetups to help your target audience in some way. 

You’ve worked endlessly on designing the schedule. You did your outreach. 

You’re all ready to go. 

But—on the day of the event, there are more empty chairs than occupied ones. 

What went wrong? The event is free, and it offers an excellent service. Is there a way to grow your audience to ensure seats won’t be empty again?