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Six Signs Your Nonprofit Is Ripe for Fraud


We in the nonprofit sector don’t like the “F” word … fraud, that is.

After all, we’re in the business of doing good, and fraud is just bad and ugly. However, turning a blind eye to the possibility can be even more damaging than the actual deception.

Consider this: Of those who responded to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners’ 2016 Global Fraud Study, 10.1 percent of victim organizations were nonprofits that reported a median loss of $100,000; 18.7 percent were government agencies that reported a median loss of $109,000.

Is your nonprofit ripe for fraud? If we’re being totally honest, it probably is, particularly if any or all of the following scenarios sound familiar:

Following Up on the Investing in Infrastructure Letter


As our president and CEO, Jacob Harold, noted last month, GuideStar and similar infrastructure nonprofits are the plumbing for the sector. Such organizations ensure that the information necessary for a strong sector is easily available and help to multiply the impact of philanthropy.

In the Investing in Infrastructure letter that GuideStar and 21 other organizations shared in May, we thanked funders that support infrastructure while asking the sector to consider the importance of our work. We provide the resources that ensure an effective, functioning, and vibrant nonprofit community; to continue to do so and to allow the sector to grow, infrastructure organizations need to grow, too.

An Unexpected Career: Building Plumbing for Philanthropy

I’ve spent a decade as plumber.  It was the spring of 2006 when I joined the Hewlett Foundation, my professional home before GuideStar.  These last 10 years I’ve been driven by a common purpose: building plumbing for smart philanthropy.  At Hewlett and at GuideStar I’ve been working to support those that pipe good information—about organizations and grants; about practices and insights—to help drive effectiveness in philanthropy and the nonprofit sector.