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Why Creating Space for Creative Time in the Nonprofit Workplace Improves Productivity

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I’ve been busy interviewing people who work for nonprofits for my next book, The Happy Healthy Nonprofit: Strategies for Impact without Burnout, with Aliza Sherman.   The book looks at how individuals can avoid burnout through self-care and how nonprofits can support it – through activities that promote well-being, cultural cues, or an overall strategy.

Board Recruiting Best Practices

As one of the leading personalized nonprofit board matching services in the country, we get asked quite a lot, “what can my board be doing better to win at the board recruiting game?” We would answer that your board is already way ahead of a lot of other nonprofits if they understand that board recruiting is indeed a competitive sport, with not enough terrific board members available to fill all the board seats that open up each year.  That’s the first step. 

Online Fundraising and Charitable Solicitation Registration

With the advent of social media, email, and “Donate Now” buttons, it is increasingly common that nonprofits solicit donations online. Part of these tools’ attractiveness is that nonprofits can reach broader audiences, and that they make giving to a cause relatively simple, at least on the surface.

Introducing the New GuideStar Nonprofit Profile

I’m excited to announce a major milestone in GuideStar's history. 

Please Tell Your Friends: “Updating Is Free” Means … “Updating Is Free”

Nonprofit Finance and Accounting Resolutions for the New Year

Some 45 percent of Americans usually make New Year’s resolutions, according to the Statistic Brain Research Institute.

Addressing the “Development Director Problem” with Relationship Capital

In 2013, nonprofit services firm CompassPoint released the results of a survey of 2,700 nonprofit development staff members and executive directors. The results were dismal enough that the survey has remained a talking point at conferences through 2015.

Facts, Not Anecdotes; Fundamentals, Not Fads

As long-time students of the nonprofit sector and our civil society, we regularly feel adrift in a sea of anecdotes, stories, and received wisdom. This is a sector in which opaque institutions call for transparency and measurement, while supposedly mission-driven organizations seek to operate with flaccid and oftentimes unmeasurable missions. As alumni of the Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB) and McKinsey & Company, we are trained to be hypothesis-driven and fact-based: "My kingdom for a few facts!"

Top 9 Tips for Managing Your Junior Board

Every day BoardAssist is approached by enthusiastic millennials who are eager to be agents of change on a nonprofit board. Unfortunately many of these terrific candidates are either too young to be considered for a full board seat by our clients, or unable to meet the financial commitment required by our nonprofit clients. Until recently we had not been able to accommodate these terrific people and their generous desire to give back. Now we can, with our new Pilot Junior Board Matching Program!

On the nonprofit side, many nonprofits worry that starting or managing a junior board will require too much staff time and/or money for the results a junior board will generate. While that may be the case for some nonprofits, other nonprofits find their junior boards to be great investments. We believe the best way to ensure having a junior board is truly worth your nonprofit’s effort is to both maximize what your junior board accomplishes, while at the same time minimizing the staff time required to manage them.

5 Reasons the Public Is Losing Interest in Your Cause

What can you do when interest in your cause begins to wane?

It's a scary question, and one that many fundraisers and nonprofit marketers will face at some point.