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The IKEA Effect and the Social Sector

You worked hard to find and hire the best staff. You completely revamped your programs to make them new and innovative. You built a solid reputation within the community. And you have really great hair. Either you truly are as wonderful as you think, or, as research suggests, you may be the latest victim of the “Ikea Effect.”

How to Turn a "No" From a Foundation Into a "Yes"

 If you've written several grant proposals in your career, chances are you've heard at least one "no." Foundation representatives report that declining grant proposals from worthy nonprofit programs can be the toughest part of their job. While it may be hard, inevitably there is not enough funding to meet all of the deserving needs.

Closed for Business: The Billions Nonprofits Are Missing Out On

Nonprofits are missing the boat on fundraising with businesses. Last time I checked the average nonprofit raised just five percent of their revenues from businesses. Compare that number to the 72 percent nonprofits raise from individuals.

3 Tips for Matching Gifts Every Nonprofit Needs in 2016

Isn’t it hard to believe that 2015 is nearing its end? It seems like just yesterday we were all counting down to the new year and saying goodbye to 2014. Where does the time go?

GuideStar Exchange Discounts for Spring and Summer FMA Courses

Limited time only: Discount Enrollment in FMA's Certified Nonprofit Accounting Professional (CNAP) Online Course

CNAP online offers those on the nonprofit financial management and accounting front-line comprehensive training on financial reporting, internal controls, budget development, governance, the form 990 and more.

Featuring a built-in self-assessment component, this course gives participants the ability to immediately apply their new knowledge against their organization's capacity and leave the program with an action plan. Since FMA staff deliver fiscal consulting and outsourcing services to nonprofits nationwide, their experience makes this a well-rounded and thoughtful roadmap to the fiscal office of any nonprofit.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain confidence in your skills and take your career to the next level! Eligible nonprofits can receive 40% off of enrollment in the Summer online CNAP course, a savings of more than $300.

The summer course runs Thursdays 2-4pm ET June 25—August 6.

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Limited time only: Discount Enrollment in FMA's Webinar: Using QuickBooks as a Small Nonprofit

Inexpensive, user-friendly, and widely used across the nonprofit sector, QuickBooks is often the best choice for small organizations with limited resources to invest in accounting software. However, originally designed for companies in the for-profit realm, QuickBooks has limitations when it comes to tracking and reporting on restricted donations and grants.

Over the course of working with many organizations to build and strengthen financial management systems, FMA has refined a series of QuickBooks customizations and "workarounds" to help facilitate nonprofit accounting in this for-profit system.

FMA experts will deliver a virtual learning series on how to use QuickBooks to "operationalize" financial management best practices. Consisting of two hour-long web-based workshops, the series includes practical tips and guidelines for using QuickBooks to meet nonprofit financial reporting needs.

Eligible nonprofits can receive 25% off of enrollment for the spring course, held May 27th, 2015 from 2-3:30pm EDT.

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Register here with auto-filled promotional code (GSExchange2015)

Program Redesign & GuideStar Membership

2014 has been an exciting year for GuideStar. We celebrated our 20th anniversary and launched several new products and initiatives, all aligned with our GuideStar 2020 vision for building the information infrastructure for social change and ensuring that the nonprofit sector is equipped to tackle the great challenges of our time.

Rolling Out a Platform to Provide Diversity Data

Transparency and accountability are great goals
but without data, it is like a stool with two legs. Good luck with that. Consistent, visible data and goals keep us on a stable platform, and allows organizations and leaders to learn, build and improve. Data about who is leading and working in organizations is just as important as financials and environmental or social change indicators to understanding how an NGO or foundation works and its responsiveness to community needs.

Collaborative BRIDGE Project Makes Big Progress Toward Sharing Crucial Information Worldwide

The Basic Registry of Identified Global Entities (BRIDGE) is a new collaborative project that aims to revolutionize information sharing, in order to better understand the flows of philanthropic dollars and enhance transparency and effectiveness in the global social sector. BRIDGE is a system that assigns non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other entities in the social sector with a unique identifier, a “numerical fingerprint” for nonprofits.

Peace of Mind – It’s as Easy as Pushing a Button

For over ten years, Versaic has been helping corporations and foundations manage their giving programs. Like many of our clients, we started small, with programs focused on community events and donations. Today, Versaic is the engine behind programs for more than 100 clients across a spectrum of industries, representing tens of thousands of transactions, and supporting thousands of non-profits and community groups. We’re pioneering software solutions for some of the most pressing challenges faced by corporate and private foundations, including reporting on impact, engaging effectively with stakeholders and ensuring transparency and consistency.

GuideStar Exchange June 25 Webinar Follow-up Questions

Below is a follow-up by Erinn Andrews, GuideStar's Senior Director of Nonprofit Strategy, to a handful of questions submitted by participants during our June 25th, 2014 GuideStar Exchange Demonstration Webinar. To view the presentation or listen to the recording of the Webinar, please check here.