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How Cloud Computing Can Benefit Nonprofit Teams

You’d be hard-pressed to find an industry that hasn’t felt the positive effects of digital transformation in today’s business landscape. Innovative technology like cloud computing is becoming more widespread and more accessible, bringing its well-documented benefits to organizations of all shapes and sizes.

The advantages of implementing cloud tech as reported by the nonprofit sector include increased donations and improved productivity—and yet many charities have been be slow to adapt. In fact, NetChange’s survey of technology use by nonprofits found that just 11 percent of organizations rated their digital strategies as “highly effective.”

Do Tech Tools Really Help? (Spoiler Alert: Yes. Like These Free Resources for Nonprofits)

As a nonprofit professional or passionate advocate, you’re always on the lookout for ways to grow your organization. Maybe you’re looking to increase membership, donors, or engage volunteers?

The Internet is filled with articles and headlines revealing the benefits of the latest technology and tools. So, do they make a difference? And how do you know which ones to use?

It depends on what you’re doing and what you want to be doing.

2019: The Year for Nonprofits to Innovate

Embrace Technology

Your nonprofit should embrace technology and use it as a power for innovation and good. The sphere of technology is unavoidable ... so don’t try to avoid it. Instead, there are many amazing interfaces that improve donor experiences. Let 2019 be the year where new technology helps keep donors engaged and reaches out to make new friends for your organization.

7 Signs Your Nonprofit Organization Needs an ERP System

Nonprofits, just like for-profit organizations, face a variety of challenges. There are issues related to legal compliance and workforce performance. They need to keep track of employee performance, delivery of orders, different processes, and the integrity of their databases. All these issues, if not managed well, might interfere with the fulfillment of their missions.

Many nonprofits make do with spreadsheet software and email to run different operations. But, as an organization grows in size or the complexity of its programs increases, the logistics of maintaining this information manually take their toll. Multi-faceted ERP (enterprise resource planning) software that utilizes a unified database can increase your overall organizational operational efficiency.

What are some of the major signs that your nonprofit organization needs an ERP system?