New Report: A Guide to Good Practices in Foundation Operations

There’s little doubt that foundations play an important part in the philanthropic sector. Last year alone, they gave more than $59 billion in charitable gifts. They lead efforts to improve health, education, the environment, diversity, individual communities, how the nonprofit sector works, and more. The sector accomplishes more because of foundations. BUT ...

“If you’ve seen one foundation, you’ve seen one foundation.”

Time to Talk Payouts

The following article is cross-posted with permission from Alliance magazine blog. Based out of the UK, Alliance magazine is the leading global magazine on philanthropy and social investment.

Foundation payouts—how much a foundation spends as a proportion of their assets each year—might sound obscure and esoteric but the reality is anything but that. In the United States and Australia, a minimum payout of 5 percent is required by law, in Canada it’s 3.5 percent, but in the United Kingdom and elsewhere foundations are free, within reason, to spend how much (or little) as they like.

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