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Web Forms Are This Year’s Santa’s Little Helpers

Year after year December is the prime time of months when it comes to charitable contributions. Report findings show that December is held accountable for 17.5% of yearly donations, and let’s not forget, Giving Tuesday is just around the corner. Therefore, it’s clear that for nonprofits this is the busiest time of the year and making the most out of it is a must.

2014 GuideStar Nonprofit Compensation Report Now Available

The 2014 GuideStar Nonprofit Compensation Report is now available! Pick up your copy here:

Listening to Feedback Improves Fundraising Results for Nonprofits

WebThriftStore recently released a completely redesigned website and mobile shopping experience based on the valuable feedback collected from many charity partners and their supporters. The website’s new, totally streamlined design is a perfect example of how charities and the companies providing complementary fundraising services can work together to improve the experience for everyone.

WebThriftStore allows any nonprofit to open an online thrift store for free with no risk or physical inventory. Charities encourage their supporters to donate goods online, WebThriftStore sells the goods in our online marketplace, and supporters receive tax write-offs for the sold value of their items.

Because it’s a completely online platform, WebThriftStore depends on its nonprofit partners and their loyal supporters to provide feedback and opinions about their experience and make suggestions on improvements. This feedback is gathered in the form of conversations with charity executives, email exchanges, surveys, website feedback forms and unsolicited questions and ideas. Nonprofit partners recommend improvements. We listen and then act on them. Everyone wins.

The result is that new features and upgrades to our platform have been realized, including our simplified checkout process, now featuring PayPal. Other enhancements like streamlined searching and browsing, as well as faster performance across the entire platform, prove that listening to partner feedback is critical to the success of both our venture and all of the nonprofits that we serve.

In any partnership, communication is key. At WebThriftStore, we have learned that considering our partners’ needs and acting on what we hear is among the most valuable actions that any business supporting charities can take.

Find Out More

Please contact us for more information about how partnering with WebThriftStore can provide a complementary way for their support bases to contribute to the causes about which they care so much.

The preceding is a guest post by By Michael Sher, WebThriftStore Board Member.

How Major Charities Like the American Red Cross Are Energizing Supporters with WebThriftStore

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New Startup Creates Virtual Online Fundraisers

When it comes to marketing and fundraising, nonprofits have hit a wall. It is harder than ever for organizations to raise both awareness and funds in a cost-effective manner. Traditional news blasts are outdated, in-person events are overpriced, and donations to the nonprofit sector are stagnant. With no other alternatives, nonprofits are left with two unappealing options:

How Your Charity Can Avoid the Donor Fatigue Trap

Many nonprofits are constantly asking themselves a single question: How can we consistently keep donations flowing in to support our cause?

4 Reasons To Involve Your Board In Choosing Donor Software

Most nonprofits rarely, if ever, utilize or even think about the role a portion or all of their board should have in selecting this key strategic tool for their organization. Such an important tool should never be an afterthought or merely a budget line item.

Turning to Strategy after the Audit: A Calendar of Activities

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Error Discovered in 2013 GuideStar Nonprofit Compensation Report

The following is a message from GuideStar's Vice President of Research, Chuck McLean.

Free nonprofit information available

In March I posted about the new way you could search comprehensive charity information and even integrate a due diligence tool into your website or product, thanks to our new suite of APIs.