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Goals: The Hidden Professional Development Tool

Too often organizations set goals for team members without realizing the developmental potential this practice has. A good barometer for how an organization thinks of goals can be found in the goal-review process. Do you leave a goals review feeling reinforced and reinvigorated with what you’ve accomplished and have before you, or is reviewing your goals somewhere between the Inquisition and being called to the principal’s office? Writing goals is an immensely powerful process that can help you accomplish amazing things, but you may have to help your organization appreciate the value of the process. Here are some tips that may help.

The Value of Structured Professional Development

I firmly believe that an effective leader never stops learning. When learning stops, stagnation begins, which is bad for the leader (be that person staff or board) or the organization he/she serves. But just how much does a leader get from the periodic webinar, networking opportunity, or conference? And how does multi-tasking behind the anonymity of the webinar or working through emails during presentations affect the value of the time we spend on professional development?

3 Reasons Your Nonprofit Should Invest in Professional Development

Does your nonprofit support staff through continuing education? Do you even have a line item in your budget for professional development? Or are you asking yourself, “What does ‘professional development’ even mean, anyway?”