Five Ways to Gain Media Coverage for Your Nonprofit

Get Creative to Increase Volunteer Retention

Doesn’t every nonprofit want to retain their volunteers?
Organizations work hard to recruit and engage their volunteers. They spend countless hours and dollars encouraging volunteers to give their time. Training and educating new volunteers takes time and energy. By retaining current volunteers, your nonprofit frees up time to focus more on your cause. How about using your creativity to retain volunteers?

How a Tech Solution Saved This Executive Director’s Membership Growth Strategy

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In the spring of 2014, a longtime volunteer of a sports massage association named Ray noticed something worrisome about his organization: after two decades of steady growth, membership had begun to slump. Ray, who owed much of his career success to the association, worried it would die off. So he decided to do something about it and became the Executive Director of the association, with a mission to turn it around. 

The Ultimate Guide to Fundraiser Sponsorship

Those who have organized a successful fundraiser know the importance of having great sponsors.
Whether your event is large or small, sponsors bring a level of legitimacy to your cause, while also significantly contributing to your proceeds. This combination of increased revenue and added exposure is the key to scaling the size of your fundraiser, year after year. Additionally, a healthy collection of sponsors tells your donors that your fundraising event is worth attending! At this point, you’re probably thinking that bringing in sponsors to your next fundraiser is a no-brainer – and it is! However, the path to attracting and closing many sponsorships can be long and difficult. For that reason, we have created the Ultimate Guide to Fundraiser Sponsorship. In this guide, we will walk you through all aspects of sponsorship, focusing on the key areas below:

Your Supporters are Talking. Are You Listening?

Our ultimate guide shows how nonprofits can use social listening to engage their supporters.

Ever get the sense that people are talking about you? Well, it turns out they are.

3 Types of Social Content Marketing Every Nonprofit Needs

No matter who you are, the size of your nonprofit budget or the length of time you’ve been in business, in today’s world you need ‘social content marketing.’ This is a term I use for the type of marketing everyone must do today to stay in business in our increasingly networked world.

Increasing Donations With P2P Fundraising


Nonprofits: The Case for Integrating Email & Social

We love email. If you’re like most of the nonprofit organizations that we work with, your email list has been an important source of community, action and donations. It’s part of the heart and soul of your organization. In numbers: it’s still has the best ROI of any digital communications tool – almost a $40 return per $1 spent in 2012.

Social Media for Nonprofits – Chicago 9/27


Is your nonprofit interested in using social media for fundraising, marketing, and advocacy? Hear practical tips and tools from top experts at Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Groupon, Zynga, See3, Community Media Workshop, National Geographic, and more, all while enjoying some great networking with your nptech peers. See full details at:

Nonprofit’s #1 Fear about Social Media: Someone Makes Us Look Bad