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Most of the huge snowstorms this past winter that dumped piles of snow on Philadelphia, New York and Boston amazingly bypassed Washington DC. I’m not complaining – last year we were hit with three 20-inch snowstorm, totally paralyzing a region which panics at the very hint of snow. Still my backyard in suburban Virginia was left littered with huge tree limbs that had fallen in one storm or another over the winter. So Saturday I took out my trusty chain-saw and plunged into the debris pile. It was a hard but satisfying challenge. First I had to pull the limbs out of the pile and into position, then I had to cut them into 2-3 foot sections, and then carefully stack them into piles, while tying up the leaves and brush into big bundles. When it was over, the yard was looking considerably more orderly. I could see the results of my work and after a day’s effort, measure my progress. How often does this happen when running an organization I wondered, where you can be confronted with a tangled web of a mess and turn it into something clean and orderly?