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Follow-up to Nonprofit 911 Webinar: Uncharitable

Last week I participated in a webinar with Dan Pallotta, author of “Uncharitable” and Ken Berger, CEO of Charity Navigator, sponsored by Network for Good. You can access my presentation on GuideStar’s SlideShare channel, but I wanted to touch on a few key points for those of you who couldn’t attend or who wanted additional clarification.

Follow-up to Discussion with Joan Reutter, Nonprofit HR Solutions


Below is a follow-up to the questions submitted by participants during the January 25, 2011, GuideStar-hosted webinar, “The Compensation Checklist for Nonprofits: Are You Prepared for Today and the Next Five Years?” To view or hear a live recording of the presentation, please click here.

Follow-up to Webinar Discussion with KIMBIA


Follow-up to Webinar Discussion with Sacha Litman of Measuring Success


Effective Nonprofits Attract (Strategic) Deep-Pocket Donors


From the President's Office, October 2009

Dear Friend:

From the President's Office, May 2009

Dear Friend: