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New Research on Women’s Foundations and Funds

A new report from the Women’s Philanthropy Institute (WPI), Women’s Foundations and Funds: A Landscape Study, offers key insights about the organizational characteristics and funding priorities of these groups. The following excerpts from the executive summary present the report’s major findings.

Organizational Characteristics

The women’s foundations and funds included in this study all focus on funding women and girls, and they provide grants to organizations and programs rather than individuals. But these organizations are incredibly diverse in other key ways:

How Social Norms Affect Giving to Women’s and Girls’ Causes

From wearing pink to hosting parties or posting on social media, people everywhere are celebrating #InternationalWomensDay. Social movements like this can inspire people to give to related causes and increase charitable contributions to them. A recent report by the Woman’s Philanthropy Institute presents insights into how the giving behaviors of others, as defined by social norms, influence donation behavior, focusing on the particular challenges that women-focused organizations face in courting male donors.