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Updating Your Organization's GuideStar Report Is More Important Than Ever


More and more potential donors are visiting nonprofits' GuideStar Report than ever before. Keeping your organization's pages current is one of your best opportunities to speak directly to donors. When they look at your GuideStar Report they expect to find the latest news and information about your organization so that they can make an informed giving decision.

Thousands of organizations have already updated their GuideStar Report in order to take full advantage of the added traffic to the GuideStar Web site. As a result they are experiencing more collaboration and funding opportunities, greater response to their requests for volunteer work, and receiving additional contributions. These testimonials say it all.

Thanks so much for the support and the opportunity to get coverage with GuideStar. We just picked up Wal-Mart as one of our sponsors and they found us by looking at GuideStar for charities to support in this area and we just received a donation from them with a match from the District office so double thank you!!!!"

—Stacia Ann Bobulinski, Director of Development/Grant Writer, Making A Difference Foundation

My husband and I decided to donate money to organizations this year instead of buying Christmas gifts for our siblings. Your web page and charity search were incredibly helpful in locating organizations in each family members' state and town, making the gift much more personal. Thank you!"

—Joanne Burtner, Alpha, New Jersey

Just received confirmation of a new donor who found us because of your site. The donors live in our area, but are on assignment in England, but wish to make a contribution to local charity. Thanks again for all your great work. I will be sure to tell other local non-profits in this area about your great site."

—Kathy Hartman, Jeffco Self-Sufficiency Council

Updating is easy and takes just a few minutes.

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