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We’ve Added 200+ New Metrics to the Platinum Common Results Catalog!

e Added 200+ New Metrics to the Platinum Common Results Catalog!What will you see in the new and improved GuideStar Common Results Catalog (CRC)? It’s been over two years since we’ve launched the Platinum Seal of Transparency, and we’re continuing to learn a ton from our participants!

At GuideStar the Common Results Catalog (CRC) is one of our most useful tools for capturing and sharing how social change is measured. The catalog is a living document based on information from sector experts, research, and—first and foremost—nonprofits themselves. GuideStar offers the Common Results Catalog as a free resource for to nonprofits.

Do nonprofits find it useful? Yes! Over 70 percent of all metrics shared through Nonprofit Profiles come from the Common Results Catalog. It helps organizations understand what their peers are doing and to keep metrics aligned and comparable. That’s why it’s so important that the catalog continues to grow and change.

So, how does the Common Results Catalog evolve? Nonprofits themselves are the experts on their own work and our most prolific source of information about measuring progress and results. When an organization doesn’t see a metric relevant to its work reflected in the catalog, we encourage it to create a custom metric. Periodically, we review the custom metrics and incorporate them into the catalog. Custom metrics are a great way for nonprofits that did not find their work reflected in the CRC to share their metrics and contribute to the sector's knowledge.

In 2017, we added 83 new metrics, and they have now been used a combined total of more than 2,000 times! That means that on average 24 organizations saw their work reflected in each metric.

So what’s new? I'm pleased to announce that we've recently added more than 200 metrics to the catalog! What will you see in the new and improved CRC?

  • Metrics contributed from nonprofits of all sizes
  • Metrics contributed from well-known organizations such as YWCA, Junior Achievement, Habitat for Humanity, and more
  • New metric categories, including Church & Religion, Dental, Refugees & Immigrants, Surgical, Veterans, and Water, Sanitation, & Hygiene (WASH)

The catalog is now nearly 1,000 metrics and counting. We’ll continue to share what we learn, and we encourage you to share your metrics as well!

We’ve Added 200+ New Metrics to the Platinum Common Results Catalog!Jasmine Marrow is GuideStars director of nonprofit strategy and a member of the GuideStar Equity Team.

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