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What to Do When Your GuideStar Nonprofit Profile Manager Deserts You


Does either of these scenarios sound familiar?

The person who used to update your organization's GuideStar Nonprofit Profile has left. In the excitement of his/her departure, he/she forgot to leave the log-in codes to access your profile.


It's been years since anyone updated your organization's GuideStar Nonprofit Profile. No one in your office has the log-in information.

What do you do?

The answer to this one is easy:

Go to the GuideStar Website

  • Sign in or create an account with an e-mail associated with your organization on
  • Click Update Nonprofit Profile on the top-center of the home page.
  • Click Get Started Now.
  • Enter your organization's Employer Identification Number (EIN). Please pay special attention to the proper format (two numerals, a hyphen—no space before or after the hyphen!—and the remaining seven numerals).
  • Click Request Permissions.
  • Complete the request form.
  • Click Submit Request.

You will receive a response from us within two business days.

That's all there is to it! And thank you for updating your profile. You're promoting transparency, increasing trust in the nonprofit sector, and reaching out to millions of new people by updating.

Do you have other questions for GuideStar? Visit the GuideStar Community to find answers or to start a thread to get the information you need.

suzanne-coffman-150x150.jpgThe preceding post is by Suzanne Coffman, GuideStar’s editorial director. See more of Suzanne’s sector findings and musings on philanthropy here on our blog. 

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