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What's New, GuideStar Premium and GuideStar Charity Check?


Things have been hopping here at GuideStar, and the GuideStar Premium and GuideStar Charity Check spheres are no exception. Earlier this month we introduced GuideStar Premium Pay As You Go; now we're following up that success with:

  • guidestar-charity-check.png
  • More new data in GuideStar Premium!
  • New data in GuideStar Premium and GuideStar Charity Check!
  • Enhanced GuideStar Premium PDF reports!

Read on for details.

New Data in GuideStar Premium and GuideStar Charity Check!

We are automatically incorporating Automatic Revocation of Exemption List data into both GuideStar Premium and GuideStar Charity Check. In fact, since the IRS first published the list on June 8, 2011, we have uploaded both the information from the original list and the data from a corrected list the IRS issued on June 10. We're watching carefully for additional updates to ensure that we catch all of teem promptly.

Once these early days of the revocation list have passed, the IRS plans to update it monthly. We will automatically add the new data to our database and to GuideStar Premium and GuideStar Charity Check.

More New Data in GuideStar Premium!

We've incorporated GuideStar Exchange data into GuideStar Premium. The GuideStar Exchange is our program that allows nonprofits to update their profiles on GuideStar. There's no cost to the organizations, and thousands of nonprofits have become GuideStar Exchange members. It's no exaggeration to say that because of their participation, our database is updated daily. The addition of GuideStar Exchange data to GuideStar Premium means you're getting the freshest, most up-to-date information available about those nonprofits.

If a nonprofit participates in the GuideStar Exchange, you'll find some or all of the following in its GuideStar Premium report:

  • Top three funders
  • Chief executive and board member profiles and statements
  • IRS letter of determination, audited financial statements, application for exemption, and Form(s) 990 provided by the non-profit, including Forms 990-T
  • Programs and results descriptions
  • Mission and impact details
  • News releases

By the way, if you feel like encouraging the nonprofits in your life to become Exchange members, be our guest. The Exchange lets organizations reach out to new supporters, not on only GuideStar but also on our many partner sites.

Enhanced GuideStar Premium PDF Reports!

Finally, we've made our GuideStar Premium PDF reports even more informative and user friendly:

  • Single-click PDF generation, from any online GuideStar Premium report page
  • Professional date- and time-stamped report ready for use and distribution among colleagues and peers
  • Side-by side display of historical balance sheet and cash-flow metrics for easy comparison and trending
  • Quick navigation between report sections via PDF quick links
  • Comprehensive listing of subordinate organizations and access to each subordinate organization's report page via hyperlink
  • Up to 5 years of officers, directors, trustees, and highest-paid employee data for a historical view of key personnel and salary level

Let us know what you think about these changes—use the [+] on the lower right of most pages on the site to give us your feedback. We get some of our best ideas that way.

Suzanne E. Coffman, June 2011
© 2011, GuideStar USA, Inc.

Suzanne Coffman is GuideStar's editorial director and editor of the GuideStar Newsletter. She luvs GuideStar Premium and GuideStar Charity Check, and has from the day each was launched.

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