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Why I emailed hundreds of colleagues about GuideStar

nonprofit_testimonial_real.jpgLike many of you, I've used GuideStar
in the past to research and familiarize myself with the nonprofits I plan to work with. In my position, I connect nonprofits for mutually beneficial partnerships. I have held many positions within various nonprofits: everything from board member to president to volunteer. Only recently did I realize the full potential of GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles.  

A nonprofit’s profile greatly increases its visibility. Not only do users see this information when searching on GuideStar but profile data is distributed to more than 180 other websites, such as AmazonSmile, which I mention in my letter below. Now, I realize we are all short on time. I myself didn’t get to update my profile until recently. Once I began the process, however, I realized how easy it was to pull the data from information that we already had, such as grant applications, our own websites, etc.

Below is a letter I wrote to my colleagues about why they should use GuideStar. I encourage you to share this with your organizations, friends, and partners. We can all play a role in moving the nonprofit sector forward.

Dear Colleagues,     

For a number of years I have been familiar with the name of GuideStar and have seen their logo on various nonprofit websites. I have even done searches to get better acquainted with organizations and to glean data on their resources to assist our efforts with helping to establish private/public partnerships to address public health and healthcare policy concerns. However, I had the misconception that there was a significant cost in starting an account and profile but had confused this with other products they offered that favor the commercial users.

A number of weeks ago I attended a webinar to learn more about their products but even better gained a connection as a result that helped clarify the advantage of creating and completing a GuideStar profile for nonprofits, foundations and associations. If you are not developing your profile, then you are missing out on this resource.

More importantly, the basic profile once fully completed has a fundraising benefit through AmazonSmile which also helps with organizational exposure and a greater potential to obtain contributions.

To create an account and begin creating a basic profile is FREE. Start the process todayOnce your organization's profile is fully completed and verified then the use of the GuideStar logo button on your website and the AmazonSmile benefit is also included.  The prestigious Gold level Nonprofit Profile Seal of Transparency is available free for those that have fulfilled completing their profile. Organizational transparency is key when those donors are looking for organizations that are in line to receive contributions. This is an easy way to take the data you already have and put it to good use to help you obtain the exposure and credibility needed to disseminate your activity in a concise way at a leading independent portal.

bill_remec.jpgThe preceding is a guest post by Bill Remak, cancer and organ transplant survivor from Petaluma, California. He is a national and global patient advocate for chronic diseases and medical research, striving to collaborate with experts, activists and many stakeholders to drive policy reform that improves access, healthcare delivery, systems that push the boundaries of science, and technology to achieve the very best value and quality outcomes for consumers.

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