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Why We’re Proud to Be Part of Philanthropy Cloud

Why We’re Proud to Be Part of Philanthropy CloudGuideStar’s mission is to “revolutionize philanthropy by providing information that advances transparency, enables users to make better decisions, and encourages charitable giving.”

We know what you’re thinking: “How can providing information ‘revolutionize’ anything? Revolutions are exciting. Information ... isn’t.” Oh, but it is, and a new initiative from and United Way shows just how exciting nonprofit information can be.

Meet Philanthropy Cloud, the philanthropic arm of Salesforce, has partnered with United Way to create Philanthropy Cloud, a new network platform that makes workplace giving smarter and more personal. Writing about Philanthropy Cloud, vice president of innovation and products Nick Bailey notes, “We’re living in an age where every individual can be a philanthropist, given the right tools and access. The world has shifted to an era of corporate accountability, personal engagement, and collective impact. We are building a network to transform the way corporations, their employees, and causes engage at scale.” Philanthropy Cloud helps donors find, learn about, and support causes in a simple and impactful way. Each donor creates a philanthropy profile, selecting the causes he or she cares most about. With Philanthropy Cloud, donors can give to organizations, schedule volunteer activities, and connect with friends and teammates around giving and volunteering.

The platform keeps track of a donor’s activities, using Salesforce Einstein artificial intelligence to suggest organizations and activities the donor might want to support. The profile will be portable, allowing the donor to take the record of their philanthropy to new jobs and opportunities.

Philanthropy Cloud is currently being tested by several companies. According to Orv Kimbrough, president and CEO of United Way of Greater St. Louis, Philanthropy Cloud will revolutionize how people and companies engage in philanthropy. “Our partnership with will accelerate our vision to create unparalleled opportunities for organizations and people who want to do more good and have an impact in their community and world.” 

Philanthropy Cloud will be available through United Way in June 2018.

Where GuideStar Comes In

Philanthropy Cloud’s U.S. nonprofit profiles are built around data from GuideStar, and include information on more than one million organizations.

“We are excited to be part of this innovative initiative,” said Jacob Harold, GuideStar’s president and CEO. “The platform is only as good as the information that powers it, and we are proud to partner with to provide the most comprehensive, current, and accurate nonprofit data available to Philanthropy Cloud. Incorporating our nonprofit data into this cutting-edge platform just might be revolutionary.”

What Nonprofits Can Do to Prepare for the Launch of Philanthropy Cloud

If you haven’t already, update your organization’s GuideStar Nonprofit Profile. By updating you are not only providing fresh and up-to-date information on GuideStar, you are providing it for the more than two hundred websites and applications that use GuideStar data, like Philanthropy Cloud. Updating is free and saves you from having to update the same information repeatedly on hundreds of giving platforms. & Guidestar Ongoing Collaboration

GuideStar and are committed to extending our collaboration beyond Philanthropy Cloud to harness both organizations resources to help revolutionize philanthropy and accelerate technology for social change.

 Why We’re Proud to Be Part of Philanthropy CloudAdrian Bordone is GuideStar's vice president for strategic partnerships.

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